Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines
  1. Manuscripts are original writings that have never been published by any media. Manuscripts written for JOGE are scientific works resulting from field or laboratory research as well as literature reviews in the fields of engineering and Energy. All fonts used are Cambria with the following writing format: Article title 14 pts, Author 10  pts, and subtitles 12 pts. Affiliates, email correspondence and articles, 10 pts. For table writing, single space. The size of the A4 paper area, with the top, bottom, left, right borders is 2 cm and a single column. The number of pages between 7-12 pages. Manuscripts are sent in soft/copy form (file *.doc) via e-mail:
  2. The author's affiliation must be listed under the title including full name without academic degree, institution name, institution address, and include an email that can be contacted. If the manuscript is written by the team, the editor  JOGE only deals with the author whose name is listed as the email correspondent.
  3. Manuscripts are written in Indonesian or English with a title of a maximum of 12 words. Abstracts in English and Indonesian are written in 150 – 200 words. Keywords must exist, consist of 5- 7words/phrases and are listed below the abstract.

  4. The systematics of the manuscript are: Title; the identity of the author; abstract; keywords; preliminary; research methodology; results and discussion; conclusion; advice (if necessary); reference.
  5. Manuscripts are presented using numbering for chapters and sub-chapters and presented in an essay format and not enumerative.
  6. Referrals and citations use the bracketed number (number) reference technique. The reference list is organized in IEEE Referencing Style. The reference list is organized numerically, not alphabetically
  7. Figures and tables referred to must include the source of the reference. The illustrations provided may be in black and white or color and with good image quality. Reference to objects (pictures, tables, codes, formulas, etc.) using numbers.
  8. Manuscripts will be reviewed anonymously by reviewers appointed by the editors according to their field of expertise. Script writers are given the opportunity to make revisions (revisions) of the manuscript on the basis of recommendations from peer reviewers or editors. Confirmation of acceptance or rejection of the manuscript will be notified in writing via email.
  9. Examination and editing are carried out by the editor and/or by involving the author. The final manuscript can be canceled by the editor if the manuscript is found to have serious problems.
  10. Everything related to licensing of citations or the use of computer software for the manufacture of manuscripts or other matters related to intellectual property rights carried out by the author of the manuscript, along with the legal consequences that may arise because of it, are the full responsibility of the author of the manuscript.